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Terroir: noun | ter·​roir | \ ter-ˈwär \
the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine grapes their distinctive character.
Our stories make us.  They speak through us, weaving our story into the greater narrative around us.  When we speak of terroir, we speak of storytelling.  Our lives take the shape of the world in which we live.

We reflect the landscape from which we come, and so too does our culture.  Terroir is not isolated to the world of wine.  Cultural identity is terroir.  Individual identity is terroir.  It is the shared narrative of humanity and the natural world.

Artemisia is a compendium of these stories.  Be it through winemaking, agriculture, or the artistry of the cocktail, an Artemisia membership of any kind is a collection of fables to hear and to tell.
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the 2021 CSA Membership

Heirloom Culinaria

Now available with No-Contact Delivery, for Free
The Artemisia CSA is a collaborative endeavor between our farm and small partner farms scattered throughout the hills of our region.  All of these farms are small, family operations without representation in major chain grocery stores.  They are beautiful, humble individuals, dedicated to the practice of stewarding their fields and gently loving the land that provides for us all.  

Subscribing to the Artemisia CSA is the way to connect directly to the land, the seasons, and the farmers that sustain us. It is an investment in our local foodweb.
New for 2021 The Artemisia Rundle™

More than a CSA

The Bundle we run to you
The Artemisia Rundle™ is a bundled monthly membership featuring locally grown produce, naturally made wine, and a free add-on item from our curated collection of items sourced from nearby farmers and artisans. Our greatest value option, Rundle members gain all the perks of a traditional CSA model, plus the bonuses that Artemisia has to offer.
our Values

Make a difference

We cultivate our crops with deep consideration for the earth beneath us. We compost all of our farm waste, and we use either compostable or recyclable packaging.
We cultivate a diverse selection of heirloom crops, sourcing our seeds from small family farms. We are dedicated to growing crops that are well-adapted to our site and showcase the beautiful diversity of nature.
Our work goes well beyond the field. In the face of industrial agriculture, we aim to strengthen our local food systems which are the heartbeat of communities. We aim not only to produce nourishing food, but to also act as a beacon of education & progressive development.
Supporting local agriculture circulates money within the community and provides a stable alternative to external food distribution systems. We also offer classes, online publications, and events intent on creating a sustainable future for our rural economy.
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Bitters by Artemisia

Artemisia bitters are artisan botanical extracts.
Using native botanicals, we capture the subtleties of our landscape, blending the medicinal and the artisanal into an embodied experience.  

Our bitters are about intention.  Using plants native to our region, we create a more sustainable cocktail narrative.  
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