Sustainable Agriculture,
Intentional Wine

Artemisia is a small farm and micro-winery dedicated to preserving local foodways through sustainable agriculture and intentional winemaking. Our work centers on the ethos that cultivating connectivity through food is the first step in building resilient, compassionate communities.
Begins January 8

Winter CSA 2024

The winter CSA is a smaller, simpler version of our standard CSA.  The focus is on salads, hardy greens, roots, and fruits that keep through the cooler months.  Rustic and hearty, the winter CSA combines winter produce from our farm with that of other nearby farms for a truly local taste of the season.
holiday gifting

Intentional Gifts

What does it mean to give?  In a culture constantly pushed to consume, how can we bring intention to our holiday gifting?  

This season, we’re offering gifts that do more.  From artisan crafts, to stories of food and drink, to gifts of social good, we’re changing the face of the holiday season.
Expanding Mid-Atlantic winemaking

Botanical Wine

Amaro, vini amari, vermouth, quinquina: aromatized wine has many names and faces. In deciding how to define ours, we settled on “botanical wine”.  European genres speak to European traditions and stylistics.
We have neither.

We are American Mid-Atlantic.  Our wines are rooted in the plants that reflect this place. They needed a different name.  Botanical wine fits the bill.
The Artemisia Rundle™

The Bundle
we Run to you

Bundle your weekly CSA delivery of fresh local produce with a wine or cocktail subscription by signing up for an Artemisia Rundle™ membership and a get $10 credit every week to the online Marketplace.

Our greatest value option, Rundle members gain all the perks of a traditional CSA model, plus the bonuses that Artemisia has to offer.
Craft Intentional cocktails


Using native botanicals, we capture the subtleties of our landscape, blending the medicinal and the artisanal into an embodied experience.  

Our bitters are about intention.  Using plants native to our region, we create a more sustainable cocktail narrative.
Sustainability in wine: Hybrids

Experimental Viticulture

Mid-Atlantic viticulture is a fraught practice.  Our disease pressures are high, requiring excessive chemical applications to ensure that vineyard balance is maintained.  Not only is this unnecessarily expensive, but it is also environmentally unsound.

Working with local grape breeder, Cliff Ambers, we are planting  hybrids never before seen in winemaking.  We’re also cultivating hybrids with demonstrable disease tolerance.  As we raise these vines for wine production, we will document their vigor against perceived fungal and bacterial threats, temperature extremes, and insect predation.
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