Revitalizing Virginia’s rural foodways

Artemisia is a small farm and vineyard in rural Virginia rekindling local foodways through authenticity, awareness, and vitality. By shifting the agricultural focus from industrial to local, we can create a more vibrant and engaged food community.
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Announcing the 2020 CSA

Heirloom Culinaria

Rediscover Virginia’s Edible History. 
Our CSA centers on heirloom crops endemic to our bioregion.  Each plays a special role in the forgotten narrative of place-as-identity.  Enliven your experience of seasonal food by tasting the untold stories of our shared landscape.  Your support keeps the culinary history of rural Virginia alive for future generations.  

Fresh Produce is now available for pickup or delivery from The Whole Ox

By partnering with local retailers and restaurants, the expression of the land and season is available to everyone in our community to experience.
our Values

Make a difference

We cultivate our vineyards and gardens with deep consideration for the earth beneath us. We are 100% wind-powered, we compost all of our farm waste, and we use either compostable or recyclable packaging.
We cultivate a diverse selection of heirloom crops, sourcing our seeds from small family farms. We are dedicated to growing crops that are well-adapted to our site and showcase the beautiful diversity of nature.
Our work goes well beyond the field. In the face of industrial agriculture, we aim to strengthen our local food systems which are the heartbeat of communities. We aim not only to produce nourishing food, but to also act as a beacon of education & progressive development.
Supporting local agriculture circulates money within the community and provides a stable alternative to external food distribution systems. We also offer classes, online publications, and events intent on creating a sustainable future for our rural economy.
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