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Terroir: noun | ter·​roir | \ ter-ˈwär \
the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that gives wine grapes their distinctive character.
Our stories make us.  They speak through us, weaving our story into the greater narrative around us.  When we speak of terroir, we speak of storytelling.  Our lives take the shape of the world in which we live.

We reflect the landscape from which we come, and so too does our culture.  Terroir is not isolated to the world of wine.  Cultural identity is terroir.  Individual identity is terroir.  It is the shared narrative of humanity and the natural world.

Artemisia is a compendium of these stories.  Be it through winemaking, agriculture, or the artistry of the cocktail, an Artemisia membership of any kind is a collection of fables to hear and to tell.
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Celebrating the Harvest

Harvest is a time for slowing down and celebrating the hard work of the year.   Friends and family gather over food and drink, our differences set aside.  The turning of the year reminds us of what is most important: time spent in merriment and joy with those who mean the most to us.

We can think of no better way to toast the season than with the last gleanings of fall: squash and wine.
Heirloom Culinaria

Delivery CSA

The Artemisia CSA is a collaborative endeavor between our farm and small partner farms scattered throughout the hills of our region.  All of these farms are small, family operations without representation in major chain grocery stores.

Subscribing to the Artemisia CSA is the way to connect directly to the land, the seasons, and the farmers that sustain us. It is an investment in our local foodweb.
More than a CSA The Artemisia Rundle™

The Bundle
we Run to you

The Artemisia Rundle™ is a bundled monthly membership featuring locally grown produce, naturally made wine, and a free add-on item from our curated collection of items sourced from nearby farmers and artisans. Our greatest value option, Rundle members gain all the perks of a traditional CSA model, plus the bonuses that Artemisia has to offer.
Craft Intentional cocktails


Using native botanicals, we capture the subtleties of our landscape, blending the medicinal and the artisanal into an embodied experience.  

Our bitters are about intention.  Using plants native to our region, we create a more sustainable cocktail narrative.
Sustainability in wine: Hybrids

Experimental Viticulture

Mid-Atlantic viticulture is a fraught practice.  Our disease pressures are high, requiring excessive chemical applications to ensure that vineyard balance is maintained.  Not only is this unnecessarily expensive, but it is also environmentally unsound.

Working with local grape breeder, Cliff Ambers, we are planting  hybrids never before seen in winemaking.  We’re also cultivating hybrids with demonstrable disease tolerance.  As we raise these vines for wine production, we will document their vigor against perceived fungal and bacterial threats, temperature extremes, and insect predation.
Expanding Mid-Atlantic winemaking

Botanical Wine

Interpreting  terroir is an art form.  Sometimes, the style is baroque: a traditional varietal grown in an established region.  Other times, it is expressionistic: loosely colorful and ideologically suggestive.  Botanical wine is impressionistic.  It takes the image of terroir and captures through a bricolage of brushstrokes, movement, and emotion.  

In Italian its name is vino amaro, translating literally as “bitter wine”; on this canvas the paints in question are botanicals infused into spirits.  These are flowers and roots, leaves and bark, drawn from medicinal traditions thousands of years in the making, carefully balanced against a base of wine.  The result is a poetic interply of bitter and sweet, with the base wine adding personality and structure to the whole.

Our botanical wines capture the moods and seasons of a place.  They speak to the timeless, quiet power of our mountains and forests.  They are an honoring of those who came before us, and a memory for those who come after.
Building community, together

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