Farm and Vineyard

We came to Artemisia in the summer of 2019 with the intention of revitalizing a previously conventional vineyard.  Motivated by a desire to step away from the touristic optics of many mid-Atlantic vineyards, we redesigned our site as an interdependent polyculture.  Having personally experienced these models in the Northwest and feeling stunned by their beauty, elegance, and efficacy, it seemed a natural evolution.  

We are currently transitioning from a primarily Vitis vinifera vineyard to one of hearty North American hybrids, thereby reducing the need for disease management.  In our search to find the best varietal fit for our site, we are consulting with wineries and vineyards along both the East and West coasts.  In exploring their work and comparatively studying their vineyards, we hope to craft a new genre of viticulture, one that defines our region.  

As we navigate this pursuit, we maintain an active farm.  This serves as both a means of revenue and a point of community involvement.  Part of rewriting the character of viticulture in our region is establishing a relationship based not on entertainment, but education and involvement.  Nourishing our community with accessible, healthy food is central to this vision.