About Artemisia

What we do
We grow things. We make things. We are two inspired people building a more connected foodweb. We do that by creating works of beauty.  Whether it’s the ethos of our agriculture, the content of our weekly CSA emails, or the composition of our wine and bitters, our work is guided by the principles of creativity and authenticity.
Where We Grow
We have three growing sites, all in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. Our vineyard is located an hour Northeast in Virginia’s Northern Piedmont.
Our primary site nestled in the mountains. Here we have our primary vegetable and botanical growing plots as well as our winery, office, and our home
Front Royal
Our secondary growing site for vegetables that Andrew's parents have generously allowed us to farm on their land
Our experimental vineyard site where we will plant about 1.25 acres of hybrid grape varieties in Spring 2022
Collaboration & Interdependence
One of the greatest challenges small farms face is a consistent market. That’s why our CSA is a collaborative effort between our farm and other local small farmers. The traditional CSA model expects a single farm to produce a vast array of vegetables. For a number of reasons, this isn’t feasible for most producers. That leaves farmers markets and wholesale, both of which are financially unpredictable. As a result, many small farms don’t have a reliable customer base. Our CSA changes that.

By partnering together, we offer a robust CSA that expresses the full spectrum of what our local foodweb has to offer, all while offering farmers like us a stable source of income.
our Values

Make a difference

We grow what fits: our CSA emphasizes regionally appropriate crops adapted to our unique climate. Every share is packaged with reusable or compostable packaging, eliminating needless landfill pressure.
We intensively cultivate a wide diversity of heirloom crops in rotation throughout the growing season. Varying our production maintains soil nutrient density and water retention. It also means a healthier farm ecosystem better in tune with the environment.
Our work centers on helping individuals to develop a genuine, meaningful relationship with their local foodweb. Each CSA box is a conversation about history, stewardship, and resilience.  Each wine and bitter is a love letter to place and legacy.
Everything we do is a collaboration.  Our CSA offers veggies from our farm as well as veggies and more from small farms nearby.  Our wine is crafted from botanicals grown by us and by other sustainable herbalists.  Our work is built on collaboration and intention.  From baseline production to end-point consumer, inviting collaboration builds authentic community.
our mission

Life as Process.
Process as Art.

  • Preserve regional crop diversity and identity.
  • Promote and research sustainable viticultural practices.
  • Build community through food, stories, and creativity. 
Everything we do, on and off the farm, is all about play. Life is short. It’s meant to be enjoyed.
— Kelly Allen, Owner
our team

Meet the Crew

Kelly Allen

Kelly Allen

Kelly’s approach is one of “eros as practice,” fueled by a degree in sustainable agriculture from the notoriously alternative Goddard College. A subsequent station as an AmeriCorps volunteer working in Native foodway preservation solidified her dedication to cultural and ecological sustainability. She fell in love with wine while working as a viticulture apprentice in Northern Virginia. Her heart has been in the grapes ever since.
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Kelly Allen
Andrew Napier

Andrew Napier

Andrew deeply values beauty and storytelling. In school, this led him to study theatre, where he eagerly learned all he could about building environments in which to experience beauty. Once discovering that a truly resonant experience can be had through the intimacy of food & wine, Andrew began a path toward learning all he could through working in restaurants and wine shops. Always seeking to learn more, Andrew learned the basics of viticulture and winery operations at Linden Vineyards. He went on to learn butchery at The Whole Ox, where he stayed for many years managing and learning the ins and outs of operating a small business.
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