Kelly Allen

Core Values
Creativity, Ethics
Farming, Winemaking, Bitters, Networking

Kelly’s approach is one of “eros as practice,” fueled by a degree in sustainable agriculture from the notoriously alternative Goddard College. A subsequent station as an AmeriCorps volunteer working in Native foodway preservation solidified her dedication to cultural and ecological sustainability. She fell in love with wine while working as a viticulture apprentice in Northern Virginia. Her heart has been in the grapes ever since.

Following her internship, Kelly explored many facets of the wine industry, from enology to distribution sales. Her work in distribution introduced her to aromatized wine. She would come to fall in love with the creative immensity of the craft. This love is the same that drives her work today.

Through Artemisia, Kelly draws together the narratives of winemaking, farming, and community. From the grapes that we grow to the crops we tend, everything forwards the goal of building a more beautiful, resilient, and connected community.