Andrew Napier

Core Values
Authenticity, Trust
Farming, Accounting, Design, Operations

Andrew deeply values beauty and storytelling.  In school, this led him to study theatre, where he eagerly learned all he could about building environments in which to experience beauty.  Be that through set construction, design, or lighting, he pursued his interest gaining valuable skills that play into running the farm everyday.

Once discovering that a truly resonant experience can be had through the intimacy of food & wine, Andrew began a path toward learning all he could through working in restaurants and wine shops.

Always seeking to learn more, Andrew learned the basics of viticulture and winery operations at Linden Vineyards. He went on to learn butchery at The Whole Ox, where he stayed for many years managing and learning the ins and outs of operating a small business.

Andrew’s approach to the work of Artemisia could perhaps best be summed up in his words about terroir:

We often talk about terroir in wine & agriculture.  For me, “terroir” means a lot more than just the soils, sunlight, and rainfall.  It includes all these things, but it also includes the foods grown in a place, the values and personalities of the people who live there and grow the fruit, and most importantly how all of these things: climate, geography, flora, and people interact with each other.  I am of this place.  I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley.  My grandfather grew up on an orchard outside Charlottesville.  My father grew up here.  These hills and valleys have shaped my sense of self just as they do the vine, and I have a deep sense and appreciation of the seasons in this place — so much so that when I tell Kelly that it’s too early for tomatoes at the beginning of July or that I have to make my annual “September Soup”, she lovingly calls me an old Italian grandmother.