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Andrew eagerly learned viticulture from working for Jim Law at Linden Vineyards, one of Virginia’s most revered and accomplished wineries.  Splitting his time between working in the grapes and hosting intimate, cerebral tastings in the winery cellar, he quickly developed a keen understanding of winery operations, and an encyclopedic knowledge of wine at large.  Spirited by his love of wine and the historical narratives embedded within it, Andrew took on the management of an eclectic wine program at The Whole Ox, a local butcher shop in Marshall, VA.  His selections quickly became the baseline for composition, authenticity, and beauty within and beyond his community, and he maintains relationships with winemakers and gastronomes throughout the world. 

Over time, Andrew has mastered the clockwork of entrepreneurship, from accounting, to legalities, to marketing.  His degree in Theatre and expertise in set design have time and again proven vital in the multiplicity of mechanical, electronic, and structural projects essential to farm life.     

Beyond the vineyard, Andrew maintains an active website and graphic design company centered on the creative expression and manifestation of his clients’ unique values.  He is in the process of preparing a cocktail book for publication, in which he takes inspiration from the seasons and from locally-available ingredients.  

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