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Consistency in Uncertain times

Our CSA is a 24-week edible histoire. Explore crops passed down from generation to generation, from seeds gathered by hand on small family farms. Each share has a full complement of herbs, alliums, fruits, and vegetables, all grown sustainably, and freshly picked from our farm.
First pickups are June 3 & 4
Environmental Wellbeing
Each crop is chosen for its resiliency to our unique climatic pressures.  
Local Foodways
Supporting local agriculture creates stronger, more resilient communities.
Heirloom Crops
Preserving our culinary legacy and sharing it with others.

Example Shares

All of our crops are heirloom varieties, and as a result, you will find colors, shapes, aromas, and personalities that may be new to you.  Each box is a chance to taste the many culinary narratives of our planet.
Young Cucumbers
Green Garlic
Oyster Mushrooms
Baby Pac Choi
Hot Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes
Crookneck Squash
Early Autumn
Sugar Snap Peas
Cured Garlic
Late Autumn
Winter Squash
Mustard Greens
Broccoli Raab
Winter Radish
Weekly Share boxes
Picking up your Member Share
CSA share pickups run weekly from June 3rd until November 12th.

Pickup days and times vary based on your pickup location.
We offer pickup at one of three local business locations in Marshall, Clifton, and Arlington.

Locations and times

We are partnering with three important local businesses to extend our community share to the neighborhood closest to you.

All of these locations offer curbside pickup and/or delivery during the COVID-19 crisis.

For information regarding pickup, please refer to your email that we sent regarding your membership details. For information regarding the option for delivery, please reach out to our partner business and ask what delivery options may be available.
The Whole Ox
8357 W. Main St.
Wednesdays or Thursdays*
*Please Note: Each member picking up at The Whole Ox has an assigned pickup day. Wednesday pickups must pick up on Wednesdays and Thursday pickups must pick up on Thursdays.
The Wine Attic
7145 Main St, #2a

Beyond the Crisis

Never in modern memory has the resilience of local food systems been so essential.

Our CSA offers a safe, consistent source of nourishing food during this unprecedented time.   We partner with nearby small businesses as convenient pickup locations, helping you to avoid crowded areas.  Delivery is often available upon request from your pickup location.  All locations will hold your boxed CSA share in a controlled, protected environment until pickup.  Your box comes directly from our farm to you, without risk of external exposure.  

Keeping you Safe

Know that your safety is the utmost importance to us.  All of our crops are harvested and packed with the utmost dedication to hygiene. Gloves and masks are worn during deliveries to pickup locations, and your CSA box will be sanitized before and after each pickup.

Building Together

Many are suffering during these days of distance and uncertainty.  Loss, illness, isolation, and scarcity are a new and constant reality.  We hope that you find solace and support in our CSA program, that our work is a lantern against the ambiguity of the pandemic.  Food is the heartbeat of community.  Although miles may stand between us, we are by your side, arm in arm, traveling together through these times.


Common Questions

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a more ethical foodway that directly connects you to your farmer.  Rather than selling our produce in supermarkets, we sell them directly to you. This allows us to compete with greater equality against large industrial farms.  As a member, you buy a “share” of the total crop output for the season, and receive weekly assortments of healthy, local food of unparalleled freshness and quality. Supporting a CSA also works to keep our food system diversified and resilient in the face of economic or environmental changes.
What is “Sustainable” and how is it different from “Organic?”
Sustainable farming requires no certification and is often the method of choice for small producers.  The high cost of Organic certification can be an immovable boundary for many, including us.  We employ a wide array of environmentally and ethically-mindful cultivation practices, generally avoidant of toxic chemicals.   
Increasingly, many farms are foregoing Organic certification out of principle, as the volume of production and lack of diversity on major Organic farms is not consistent with what many hold to be sustainable practices.  Furthermore, sustainable farming takes into account the sociocultural and socioeconomic aspects of food production.  

Creating a food system with a quarterstone of ethical equality and fairness is of parallel importance to regenerative environmentalism.  Positive change is not made with a rote label, but through the humanistic reorienting of ideals.    
Sustainable farming requires no certification and is often the method of choice for small producers. 
How many items should I expect in my share?
Each share will contain between 7-9 generously portioned items and will vary from week to week. We will do our best to ensure that you have ample diversity in each share.  A single share can support the majority of a small family’s produce needs for a week.
What are "Foodways?"
Foodways are where the cultural, economic, historic, and social traditions of food meet. The term often references specific geographic locations and cultural groups. Foodways are considered to be a combinative art form by the social sciences, and the bedrock of cultural identity.
How is buying a CSA share different from buying Organic produce from the supermarket?
When you support a CSA, you are supporting a small farm in your nearby region.  Your dollars go directly to the farmer and immediately circulate back into your community.  The surrounding environment, the local economy, and both individual parties are strengthened as a result.  

When you purchase Organically-certified produce from a supermarket, you are voting with your dollar for a crop production system without damaging chemicals.  However, you are likely not supporting biodiversity, small business, or your local economy aside from the direct revenue generated by the grocery store chain.  Overall, supporting a CSA, whether sustainable or Organic, has the greatest potential for positive effect.
Can I pick up my share early?
Unfortunately, we are not currently able to accommodate pick-ups outside of your window. We have a very small team, and we need all hands on the farm!
What if I am late for my pickup window?
Our pickup locations are not able to hold boxes beyond your pickup window. Thank you for your understanding.
What if I can't pick up my box this week?
If you are for whatever reason unable to pick up your box, the contents of the box will be forfeit. We are not able to offer box refunds at this time.  To avoid losing the value of your box, consider asking a friend or family member to pick up your box for you. You could even share a portion of your box with them as a way of saying “Thanks!”

If you are unable to pick up your box more than three times, your account will be placed on hold and your box will no longer be packed for drop off. Should you foresee a gap in your ability to pick up your boxes, please notify us.
When is the first pickup date?
First pickup dates are Wednesday, June 3 (for The Whole Ox Wednesdays and Crystal City Wine Shop) and Thursday, June 4 (for The Whole Ox Thursdays and The Wine Attic).
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First pickups are June 3 & 4
  • Registration deadline is May 8, 2020.
  • Shares are distributed weekly to Members from June 3rd to November 12th
  • Pickups available in Marshall, Clifton, and Arlington.
  • Weekly emails with details of your share, including recipes and ideas.
  • Delivery available through our partner businesses.

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