This cocktail was created in December of 2020, the closing of a stranger season in a stranger time. Sitting shoulder to shoulder with the embers of s smoldering bonfire, we found ourselves contemplating what would come of this earth with the cresting of spring.

In this cocktail we take two of our favorite Virginia-local producers, Rosemont Vermouth and Patois Cider, to craft something simple and slightly forlorn; an introspective pause in the interim between years.

  • 1 oz Rosemont Vermouth
  • 3 oz Patois Perry
  • 1 oz Trabanco Alma Quinquina
  • 1 dash Artemisia Æstas Bitters
  • Orange Rind, for garnish
  1. Mix Quinquina, Vermouth, and Bitters in a rocks glass with ice.
  2. Add perry, stir briefly, and garnish with an orange rind.
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